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Monday, October 25, 2004
Hi everyone,
Lots of news to report
New Owners - The September 23rd edition of the Borrego Sun (Vol 53, No 20) carried a front page article on the new owners of RAMS HILL (be sure to check it out).  I spoke with editor Judy Meier today asking for permission to place that article on the HOA website.  If she gives me the go-ahead you will find it in the archive section of the website within a day or two.
The new owners of RAMS HILL Country club met with the RAMS HILL Community Association Board of Directors on Thursday, Sept 30 at 11:30 am - 2:00 pm.  During the luncheon meeting RAMS HILL Country Club owners Greg Perlman & David Itzikman had lots of questions for the RHCA Board.  What would be described as a cordial meeting, directors shared comments, concerns & historical perspective with Mr. Perlman & Mr. Itzikman.  The search continues for golf management and no decisions had been made regarding Clubhouse Dining according to Perlman & Itzikman.  They reiterated that the purchase of RAMS HILL was an all cash deal and no lenders were involved.  They stated they are here for the long haul and are determining their best course of action.  They also stated that golf memberships purchased EARLIER this year would be honored.
Mr. Itzikman spoke with me just a few days after the Sept 30th meeting to bring me up-to-date.  A party for the homeowners is being planned for November and David Itzikman confirmed that the course will be open Nov 1, 2004.  Soon you will be receiving a letter of introduction from the new owners of RAMS HILL. 
Neighborhood Exit Gate - Kerin Shurgart (RHCA office) reports that progress is being made on the neighborhood exit gate.  A speed bump has been installed, signs have been purchased and a supporting post has been replaced.  Stay tuned.
Owls & Rodents - Kerin is also working on plans for an "Adopt an Owl" program for homeowners.  Now what is that all about you may ask.  Well - it is all about getting rid of rodents.  Apparently wood owls have an appetite for rodents (a lot of rodents) and that is definitely good news for all of us.  You will be hearing more about this program in the near future.
Tree Trimming - Kerin reports that this year's tree trimming project is nearly done.  And I might add that a great job it has been.
New Rams HILL Video - Thanks to the talents of Mr. Glenn Stokes, Rams HILL homeowner & photographer, we now have a stunning new video slide show of Rams Hill, with music, on the Rams Hill Community Association website.  Be sure to check it out.
Chamber Membership - The RAMS HILL Country Membership in the Chamber of Commerce has been renewed.
RAMS HILL Archives - The archival section of the website has been greatly expanded and indexed.   This website is my personal gift to the homeowners associations at RAMS HILL.   If you want to see information about your particular neighborhood let your board know and I will gladly post it.  This is a password protected website for homeowners only.   If you do not already have a password or have misplaced it just go to the website and follow the instructions.
Welcome Back - I know that many of you are looking forward to returning to RAMS HILL for the new season.  Many of you were fortunate enough to stay and not even leave.  Borrego has had its share of storms this year.  The bad news is that de Anza got hit hard with flooding.  The good news is that RAMS HILL remained high and dry.  Thankfully we have an excellent flood control system in place.
Borrego Days Festival 2004 - is just days away !  October 29-31.  This is shaping up to be one of the best festivals we have had in Borrego, thanks to the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce and in particular Mr. Richard Shaw, the Chamber's Exec Director.   I am looking forward to it and hope that many of you will be here to enjoy it as well.  For the details visit the Chamber's website:
Personal Thanks - I want to take a moment to personally thank those of you who have sent me several letters of gratitude for the two websites I created to help keep the homeowners & visitors connected via the internet and for these Community Connection e-mails that I send.  It is my pleasure to provide these as a benefit to you and to RAMS HILL.   I have been a homeowner since 1988 and consider RAMS HILL to be a most unique place in the desert.  Like many of you, I see RAMS HILL as a unique oasis with unparalleled vistas.  And it goes without saying that at RAMS HILL we have one of the premier golf courses in the world.  OK - enough boasting about our piece of the sand.
Hope to see you soon and please stay in touch.  I enjoying hearing from you.
Pat McArron
If you have made any changes in your mailing address and/or phone numbers or your email address be sure to let Kerin know at the RHCA office:  
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