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Rams Hill Community Connection
Borrego Springs, CA
October 2, 2007
Hi everyone,
Well - here we are - a new season, new homes under construction, new paved roads, new entrance, new kiosk (a very large one), new landscaping.  Several Montesoro Golf & Social Club members and homeowners will be returning for the season and now is a good time to bring you up-to-date on what has been happening this past summer in the development of Montesoro.  The Clubhouse will probably be sending out its own news soon.
As I sit here at my desk gazing upon the expansive view of Borrego Valley and the Santa Rosa Mountains beyond I can't help but reflect on the past few months since the June Newsletter.

Home Construction

Much has happened during these summer months.  Stucco application has begun on the Hacienda models.  The exteriors of the 3 Carrizo models are complete & another Carrizo is in the framing stages.  Nine new foundations have been poured in the lower "Santa Fe" neighborhood bringing the total to 13 Carrizo homes under construction.
Lights, Camera, Action

Many of you have complained about the noise, the construction traffic, the dust, and the lights.  Yes - LIGHTS !  For reasons not yet explained work on the Carrizo homes begins at 3:00 AM which necessitates the use of very bright flood lights.  Temperatures have dropped to below 100 degrees so why 3:00 AM?  And couldn't the flood lights at least shine AWAY from Santa Fe rather than directly into Santa Fe?  And the dust from the construction vehicles - how about a little more consideration for the current residents?  Spray the streets with some water now and then to rid us of the dust that is entering the homes along the construction route.  Perhaps there is relief in sight.  We have this update from Bob Kriensky:

"Oct 1, 2007 - Some of the trucks were for paving the association streets last month.  Montesoro had paving trucks go through last week because we were paving Vallecitos 3 and working on concrete in the street of Santa Fe 2 which cut off both accesses to the construction entrance. Today, tomorrow and Friday we will have concrete trucks running through the main entrance for the same reasons. This will happen off and on for the next 30 days and then after that for the most part we should be fine."


The Santa Rosa neighborhood has received the finish layer of asphalt on their roads and the roads in the new Hacienda section have been laid as have the roads in the lower "Santa Fe" neighborhood.


Some of the homeowners originally dubbed the new "boulder" entrance as Flintstone Ville.  Now however with the huge infusion of desert landscaping the entrance is beginning to take on the look of a lush desert garden.


Kiosk may be an understatement for the new security entrance building.  Some would call it a house. It comes complete with a fireplace, arched windows, and a detached garage.  Pretty impressive.

Golf Course

The completed golf course is now in the over seeding mode and soon will be a green oasis of golfing pleasure for members and guests of Montesoro.  Look for news on this from Montesoro.


Landscaping continues in the lower "Santa Fe" neighborhood and a very attractive pedestrian path has been created that meanders between the new home sites.

Camp Cahuilla
Camp Cahuilla is now in place and the "Community Pool" is history as is the spa pool (which has been filled in with sand). Note the SPA RULES sign below - someone has a sense of humor.

Santa Fe Pool & Tennis Club

Solar Water Panels have all been removed from the Santa Fe Pool & Tennis Club area.  The area is definitely showing its age and is greatly in need of a facelift or total re-construct.  The pool equipment is aging and the concrete is splitting and peeling badly around the spa pool.  It has been stated that RH Capital will do the work on this area with the addition of more members using it.

Spit? Splat?.......

If you have walked the path from the Santa Rosa neighborhood to the Clubhouse then you have no doubt noticed the paint "samples" on the side of one of the Santa Rosa homes.  Does anyone out there know how long that eyesore is going to remain?  And is this an indication that more painting is to come?  Let us know so we can share this information with all of the residents at Montesoro and solve the mystery.

Staffing Changes

There have been some changes.  Kevin, Heather & Dianna are no longer working at Montesoro.  There jobs were terminated this past month.  Kevin will be pursuing his culinary talents in San Francisco.  More on this will probably be forthcoming in the Clubhouse Newsletter.

Montesoro Accommodations Program

As many of you know, not long after GH Capital purchased Rams Hill Country Club the company also took over the Home Rental Program at Montesoro.  For those homeowners who have their homes listed with the Montesoro Property Management there is good news.  GH Capital recently agreed to provide Golf & Clubhouse packages to guests who reserve a home through the Montesoro Property Management.  Details of these packages will soon be posted the website.

Rumor Mill

One thing is always certain in Borrego Springs - rumors abound.  And the same holds true for Montesoro.  Rumors have been circulating that GH Capital has run out of money, can't get loans.  And still more rumors - GH Capital is going to sell the market they purchased as Christmas Circle, they are buying Borrego Springs Resort, and La Casa del Zorro.  It all makes for great conversation in the lounge at the Clubhouse.  If you were to ask any one person at Montesoro, homeowner or company employee, what is happening next - you will get several different answers.  Eventually - the facts become clear and substantiated and then we move on to another fresh rumor.  There is never a dull moment at Montesoro.

Well that's it for this edition.  Enjoy the season at Montesoro.


Pat McArron