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Rams Hill Community Connection
Borrego Springs, CA
April 21, 2005
To the homeowners and members at Rams Hill Resort,
This has been an incredible Spring Season for Borrego.  The flowers have been incredible !!  And with the flowers have been thousands of visitors!  Borrego has been in the news almost daily these past few months and then combine that with the changes at Rams Hill - it has been a news media field day, every day.  Hits on the Chamber of Commerce website hit an all time high.
I have personally been making several trips from San Diego to Borrego this season just to take in all the beauty.  I hope you have not missed out on this amazing event.

Many thanks to Rams Hill homeowner Malcolm Dyos for submitting the following links of interest regarding Rams Hill: 

Fascinating reading.  Some of the information is not always accurate as you may note on your own.

A reminder that this Saturday, April 24 there will be a Dinner-Dance at the Clubhouse.  The menu for the dinner this Saturday is Surf & Turf according Chef Kevin Tucky.  Get your reservation in now!

The earth movers are busy clearing the fallow nine in preparation for a whole new golf course at Rams Hill.  The transformation will be dramatic in accordance with the design expertise of noted golf architect Tom Fazio.  See front page article in the April 21, 2005 edition of the Borrego Sun newspaper for details.  Also do not miss Tom Gorton's column on Tom Fazio, page 10.
Be sure to visit the Rams Hill Homeowners website periodically for updated information about Rams Hill.
Changes have been made to the phone contacts at Rams Hill.  Please visit the contact page on the resort website for the latest information.  Speaking of changes - some of the office operations for the clubhouse have been moved to one of the Casitas and the RHCA office is now operating out of another Casita directly across the street from the Rams Hill Accommodations Office.
A note of interest to everyone who has their home listed with the Rams Hill Accommodations office - every available home on the rental program now has pictures of their unit (except one) on the website for potential Vacation Rental customers to view.
As I write this edition of the Rams Hill Community Connection I am enjoying the tranquility and perfect weather of Rams Hill.  It appears that many of the homeowners have made an early departure from the resort and may miss out on some of the fun events planned for those who remain.  I have had the pleasure of dining in the lounge this week for lunch and I can tell you from personal experience that the luncheon menu selections at the clubhouse have been outstanding.  And It seems that every time I see Jim Wanless he is in meetings.


Enjoy your summer and look forward to many improvements at Rams Hill upon your return to this most special place in the desert.
And finally an item that falls into the category of "A funny thing happened on the way to Borrego": 
It seems that at least 3 homeowners at Rams Hill will also be neighbors in the much anticipated Pinnacle Tower in downtown San Diego later this year.  Just more proof that this is a small world after all.  If anyone receiving this communication is buying a condo in the new Pinnacle Tower and you have not already made contact with the other future neighbors now is the time to step forward.  Can their be more?  Let us know if there are.
Pat McArron
PS  Support the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce with your membership.  This is the organization that brings Borrego Springs together.  Visit their website at
Pat McArron