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Architectural Guidelines

All proposed changes of the exterior design of an individual home must be submitted to the Architectural Committee or Board of Directors for approval. Applications may be obtained from our property management office or print from this link:  


Applications must be submitted prior to the work being performed. The following is a general list of examples of changes requiring Association approval:

  • Any permanent structures such as

    • additions to front walkways, walls, gazebos, patio covers, storage sheds, balconies, awnings. roll-up garage doors, window flower boxes, lattices, etc.

  • Non-permanent structures that extend above the fence line such as

    • shade covers, umbrellas, satellite dishes and portable sheds.

  • Front yard landscaping that may reduce lawn or planter areas.

  • The removal or replacement of trees planted by the previous owner or any other conversion of the landscaped area.

  • Color changes to the exterior of the home, existing fences or pavement.

  • All proposed color changes that can be seen from the outside of the home such as window coverings must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval.

  • Proposals should be sent to our office and must include a plan, including elevation and a brief description outlining the nature of the intended project.


*IMPORTANT NOTICE - For your protection please inquire about building permit requirements for proposed work. When required, permits must be obtained and reviewed by the Committee before starting work. Contact City of San Diego Inspection Department at (619) 236-6270.

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