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Leash Regulations

Section 6.5.9 of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) states "the owner of any pet or animal shall at no time allow such animal to run unrestrained on Rams Hill Common Areas or the streets, sidewalks or pathway areas of the Rams Hill Community and the owner of such pets shall at all times have full and complete control over such animal."

In accordance with this provision, the Board of Directors adopted the following rule:

Any animal not within the direct control of its owner by the use of a leash held by such owner and also connected to the animal by a collar or harness shall be captured. The first time such animal is captured it shall be returned to its owner with a written notice that if such animal is captured in the future it will be turned over to the County of San Diego department responsible for animal control. Any subsequent capturing of the same animal, not under it's owners control as specified herein, will result in the animal being turned over to the County. Homeowners wishing to report violations of this rule should contact Rams Hill Access Control.

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