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Tennis Court Rules

  • The rules of good tennis sportsmanship shall prevail.

  • Only those persons wearing regulation tennis shoes shall be allowed on the courts. No one wearing black soled shoes will be allowed on the courts.

  • Proper tennis attire must be worn. All players must wear shirts at all times.

  • The courts may be used for tennis only.  Bicycle riding, skateboarding, scooters or rollerblades are NOT allowed.

  • No dogs allowed on courts.

  • Please do not enter the courts until after the assigned players have completed their match play. In the event the assigned time has expired you may enter the court at the end of the game. If you are playing beyond your assigned time, the court shall be yielded to players waiting without undue delay.

  • There are sign-up boards at neighborhood tennis courts. All players must enter the indicated information on the sign-up board before using the courts. Players who have neglected to sign up may be bumped from the court.

  • Players may sign up for a court any time of the day before the desired day of play.

  • Forty-five minutes are allowed for play of a singles match or for a threesome. One hour is allowed for a doubles match.

  • The courts may be used for formal tennis instruction. The above mentioned rules for court sign-up and duration of play will apply.

  • Guests must play with or be accompanied by a resident of the neighborhood in which the court is located.

  • Any exceptions or questions should be directed to the Board of Directors allowing ample time for a response.

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