Rams Hill Community E-News
Montesoro, Borrego Springs
September 18, 2009

 A Message from Karyn, Community Naturalist

“The naturalist club [see attached file] is open to everyone, not just members.”
Thanks, Karyn

Montesoro website 

As of this writing the www.Montesoro.com website forwards to:  http://www.borregoranchresort.com/brrc.php .

For homeowners who are also Golf &/or Social Club members you can access your account:

Click here to logon to Member Services.  This link is also on the www.rhca.us website.

Rams Hill Community – History

For those of you who are interested in the history of Rams Hill and Montesoro visit www.rhca.us and click on the Archives button. And yes there is still a Rams Hill.  The residential portion of the Montesoro Golf Resort is and always has been the Rams Hill Community.

Montesoro – the future?

By now, if you have been reading the Borrego Sun, you know that Montesoro and Borrego Ranch Resort are for sale. The future of Montesoro remains unknown.  Lots of questions and not a lot of answers. The golf course is being seeded for a new season.  Staff had to be laid off for all of the obvious reasons.  David & Beth Hunter are “holding down the fort”.  If you are in the vicinity of the Clubhouse drop in to say hi.

Borrego Ranch Resort

The Borrego Ranch Resort (formerly Casa del Zorro) remains open for business.  The Resort just confirmed that the Dining Room is open to the general public with a 24 hour advance reservation. 1-800-824-1884

Dark Skies Designation

Borrego Springs has recently received the coveted International Dark Sky Certification.  See http://www.darksky.org/ for all the details.  In view of that fact it is now all the more important to comply with all dark sky policies of Borrego Springs and of Montesoro / Rams Hill.  Unfortunately some of the new homes below the Santa Fe neighborhood are in violation of these policies by leaving their outdoor lights on all night.  Hopefully this will be remedied soon as it does ruin the night sky experience in Borrego Springs and is in violation of Rams Hill Community Association Rules. See www.rhca.us Community Rules.

There are lots of Stargazing Events planned for the coming months.  Visit Dark Sky Community for more information.  This information is being updated regularly so check back often.

Borrego Days Festival

Plan now to be in Borrego Springs for the 44th Annual Desert Festival, Oct 22 - 25.  For more information visit:  www.borregodays.com

Support the Merchants of Borrego Springs

Now more than ever our local merchants need your support in these difficult financial times.  Visit www.borregospringschamber.com for a complete listing of members who provide Borrego Springs with a remarkable amount of services and goods.

Pat McArron, web manager
www.rhca.us (homeowner sponsored un-official website of the Rams Hill Community at Montesoro)
Rams Hill Homeowner since 1988