October 21, 2005

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Casitas Homeowner:


Beginning November 2, 2005, Allied Waste Services, your refuse collection company, will begin offering recyclable collection services to the Casitas HOA. 


Allied Waste will supply 60 gallon trash carts for recyclable materials which will be contained in the trash enclosure across from the association management office located at 1672 Las Casitas Drive.  This is the first enclosure to your left in the top Casitas parking area. 


Enclosed is reference material from Allied.  Please take a moment to review the information and be sure that no non-recyclables go into the containers.  Should you have any questions please call the association office at 760-767-1158 or you may contact Allied Waste using the contact information enclosed.


FYI, the Casitas Board is working on a solution to the lighting problem in the lower level of the Casitas.  The path lighting went out during a thunderstorm and so far we have not been successful in getting the problem repaired.  The Board has contracted with a lighting efficiency consulting company to come out and assess the current situation and make recommendations for repair and/or replacement.  This assessment will take place the first week in November. 


Please use a flash light and bear with us until we get this problem fixed.


Again, should you have any comments or questions please call the association management office at 760-767-1158. 



Kerin Shugart

Association Manager