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May 11, 2005

Dear Fellow Rams Hill Property Owner:

As you know, the Board of the Rams Hill Community Association, in connection with the Boards of each of the neighborhood associations, has been working to amend the original CC&Rs and By-Laws of our Community Association. This process began prior to Borrego Investors, LLC purchase of Rams Hill, the undeveloped portion of the community and the golf course. Since their acquisition they have asked to have the Declarant language in our existing CC&Rs up-dated and renewed. After a period of extensive discussions and negotiations it was determined to allow Borrego Investors to become the Declarant subject to certain protections and restrictions for the benefit of our property owners. During the negotiations, the Community Association and each neighborhood association has been represented by Joel Kriger of the firm Anderson & Kriger. This firm was hired to assist in amending our Community Association documents because of their extensive expertise in master planned community documents and law.

Enclosed is a short summary of the significant changes which have been made to the CC&Rs.  By-Laws and the agreements and covenants which Borrego Investors set forth in the Contribution Agreement. These documents will be signed with the Community Association. In addition to the changes required to permit Borrego Investors to become the new Declarant, most of the changes were required by current California Civil Code governing Community Associations.

Copies of the amended and restated CC&Rs and By-Laws and the Contribution Agreement are available at the Community Association office [and at www.rhcaonline.org ]. If you wish to have a copy mailed to you at your summer address please contact the association office.

Ginny O'Neel

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