Community Pool

April 20, 2004

Community Recreation Pool (located adjacent to the Casitas) is CLOSED until further notice.  The Pool pump has ceased to work.  The Spa Pool pump continues to work but the heater does not.

Work is being done to get the pump on the swimming pool working again.  Call Kerin for the latest information.

May 16, 2004

Community Center Pool is now OPEN

David Hoskins gave his ok today to officially open the pool.  The pump motor has been repaired, pool vacuumed a couple of times, filter cleaned and chemicals added.  According to Alan (pool man), the pool is safe to use for now.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

May 29, 2004

Community Pool continues to have its ups and downs.  open, closed, open, closed.......  Please call the RHCA office for the latest information on the situation.