From: Beth Divine []
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 5:59 PM
To: Beth Divine
Subject: Letter from David Hunter regarding name change


September 30, 2009

Dear Members,

As we get closer to the re-opening of the golf course for the up and coming season, I wanted to bring to your attention the impending name change of our golf course from Montesoro Golf & Social Club to Borrego Ranch Golf Club at Montesoro.  Borrego Ranch Golf Club is a DBA of Montesoro Golf & Social Club so no legal papers will need to be changed in regards to your membership etc.  The changing of the name is to try and simply brand Borrego Ranch Resort and Montesoro Golf & Social Club as one entity as opposed to two, which from a marketing prospective makes more business sense.  Obviously this transition will take a while to happen since it involves changing the logos, merchandise, collateral, signage etc.  But, I wanted to make sure you were made aware of this decision before you returned for the season.

On a separate note, the golf course already looks amazing and has well surpassed what our expectations were at this stage of the grow in.  Steve Gregory and his groundís crew already have begun to mow the fairways and tees!!!   That shows you how fast the bent grass is growing in and we will for certain be ready to open up for play October 22rd.

We are extremely excited to see all of you and looking forward to a fun opening day event on October 31st.  If you havenít already signed up please do so by either calling the pro shop at 760-857-4537 or e-mail me at   Also make sure to let us know if youíll be attending the 2nd Annual Monster Costume Bash event that same evening.

Best Regards,