BKO Ranch
1410 Rango Way,  Borrego Springs, CA  92004-4200
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Boarding & Training Rates

Boarding Rates

  • Corral          $150.00 per month

    • Pipe corral with shade ranging from 24'x24' or 24'x48'

  • Barn Stall    $200.00 per month

    • Stalls are 12'x12' matted indoor stalls with 12'x30' six rail corral run at rear of stall.  Equipped with auto fly system during insect season.

Horses are fed two times per day.  Top quality alfalfa and bermuda grass hay is available at all times.  Specialized feeds can be fed at an additional charge.  All pens are cleaned daily.  Mineral blocks are provided.  All horses are wormed every 12 weeks included in the boarding rate.

Training Rates

  • General Training

    • Corral            $500.00 per month

    • Barn Stall      $550.00 per month

  • Training on Cattle

    • Corral            $600.00 per month

    • Barn Stall      $650.00 per month